At the office of Norelle Health, we understand how insurance works. We will check your benefits for you and will let you know what you are entitled to so there are no billing surprises. We help you make sense of your policy and will get the insurance companies to give you the benefits you need and deserve. As you know, in-network insurance providers generally need to see a great many patients in order to stay in practice. As an out-of-network office, we work with many insurances and are able to give as much as one hour to your first office visit. We feel this extra time and care is necessary to listen to your concerns, perform a thorough examination, and provide a well thought-out treatment plan. We submit all bills for you and will follow-up with the insurance companies. We feel that you understanding your costs is very important and to that end will let you know what your responsibility will be before you receive any bills.

Norelle Health will review your records and discuss your concerns and history. Based on your signs and symptoms, he will perform a thorough head and neck examination to better understand your medical condition. For some patient’s, an endoscopic exam, where a lighted tube is used to look inside of the nose and upper airway, is performed during the examination. Photographs may be taken as part of your record. Then, Norelle Health will discuss his findings and come up with a medical management plan to meet your needs. Patient’s are scheduled to allow plenty of time for evaluation and treatment so you should never feel rushed.


Sometimes all you may need is some reassurance or counseling on a behavior change that may make you feel better. Additional testing such as an MRI, CAT scan or sleep test may be needed to further evaluate your health. Referrals to other physicians may be necessary to complement your care. If medications are required then your doctor will let you know how they should be taken and when you might expect to see a benefit. Should a surgical procedure be included in your care, Norelle Health and his staff will tell you what you can expect each step of the way. Surgeries are performed in Manhattan at Lenox Hill Hospital or at a state-of-the-art ambulatory surgical facility, Gramercy Surgery Center. Our office will follow-up on all paperwork, testing and billing to make sure that you receive the treatment you need and deserve. If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know.