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Ten years ago, I had rhinoplasty done with an awful plastic surgeon who left my septum just as deviated it was before and did not enhance the appearance much at all.  I was extremely hesitant to leave my face in the hands of another surgeon but after 10 years of waiting and thorough research, I felt confident that Dr. Bennett could fix my septum and the appearance of my crooked nose.

Our first consultation was an hour long; he really took his time to answer my questions and calm my nerves.  I scheduled my surgery with confidence. Any questions I had leading up to the surgery were answered by the doctor or his lovely staff.

Everyone at the surgical center was great.  Post-surgery I felt great. I had minimal bruising, and really enjoyed not having had my nose packed, as I did in my first surgery.  The doctor called every day to check on me until I met with him 6 days later.

Three weeks later I’m feeling amazing! My septum has been fixed and my breathing is awesome.  My nose looks so much better.  It’s not the typical nose you get from just a plastic surgeon; its a fine-tuned version of my old nose.

Overall, it was a great experience and I will recommend him to anyone I know in a similar predicament!