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I desperately needed to visit an ENT, as I had suffered from sinus problems for as long as I can remember (I am 30 now). A few examples of my symptoms:

-Diminished and often complete inability to smell and in turn taste, which had worsened over recent years
-Constant sniffling and sneezing
-Never-ending tissue use (I went through at least one box per week)
-Constricted breathing

Very particular about the doctors I see, I was impressed with the reviews written and testimonials provided by patients of Dr. Bennett and decided to make an appointment despite not living near his UES location.
I’m now writing a review myself, as my visit to the office literally changed my life for the better.

After patiently listening to my very detailed description of what my problems were, Dr. Bennett investigated and quickly diagnosed the issue. He then patiently answered my many questions. I was prescribed with a ten-day dose of nasal steroids as well as a couple of other medicines to use over the next several months. I should also note that the office itself was very clean, spacious, and welcoming.

Within one day of taking the prescribed medicine, my senses of smell and taste were better than I ever remember them being – a game-changer for anyone who loves and appreciates various cuisines and flavors. It’s been three months now and I’m still breathing clearly, although I apologize to the Kleenex industry as I’ve drastically cut my usage.

Going to see an ENT is a must for anyone with sinus issues, and I strongly recommend Dr. Bennett’s Office. The results changed my life and improved my well-being, and I wish I had gone years sooner.