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I was born with a deviated septum and have never been able to breath very well. The problem got a lot worse in my late 20’s, to the point where I could barely sleep anymore. I finally said enough is enough and gathered up the courage to fix it. As it turns out, going to Dr. Bennett was *literally* one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

Let’s start with the surgery itself (deviated septum correction, very minor rhinoplasty).

First off, I can finally breathe (I’d say my airflow went from 10% to 90%.)! I had a really hard time sleeping, I was always tired, my colds would last 2+ weeks, and more. ALL of those problems disappeared and it’s only been a few months since my surgery.

Second, my nose looks great! It’s almost perfectly straight now (it was fairly crooked before, which was part of my deviated septum problem) and the minor rhinoplasty work I had done — a slight reduction of my dorsal hump — looks completely natural. Overall I look exactly like I used to, just more symmetrical.

As far as Dr. Bennett goes, I couldn’t be happier. Super knowledgeable, didn’t push push additional cosmetic surgery on me like a previous Dr. did, and made himself available 24/7 to me. Case and point: I had a slight panic attack a week into my recovery and called him at 11PM on a Friday. He called me back within seconds and took care of me.

Lastly, his staff was *awesome*. I must have called them 1,000 times before and after surgery. They, along with Dr Bennett himself, always picked up on the first ring and proactively called ME on a regular basis to check-in.