Sinus Surgery Patient Video Review

I’m Patrick Cunningham. I live in Lindenhurst, Long Island. I work for the Long Island Railroad. I’m an electrician, and I’ve had sinus problems for about 20 years. I’ve had constant allergy problems, ever since I’ve been a kid. I’ve had three sinus surgeries with two different surgeons and I just kept getting sinus infections over and over and over. I seen a lot of allergists, a lot of other surgeons, their opinions. Basically, they just speed you through, push you through, you’re in a room with a million people. They don’t give you the time of day, and they don’t listen to what you have to say. Over the years, I kept looking on the Internet. Dr. Bennett popped up because, number one, the website was informative, and number two, he used the best technology going right now to see in your sinuses, and my thing is, I know something was wrong in there.

I couldn’t put a finger on it, and no other doctor that I was seeing could put a finger on it, so I said, let me go see this doctor, because it looks like he has tools to find out what’s going on up in my sinuses. From the first day I came here, I have to say, it’s one of the best experiences I had in a doctor’s office. When you walk into his office where he’s going to basically check your situation out and speak to you, he sits with you, he listens to you. He doesn’t push you out of the room. He doesn’t disregard what you have to say. He actually listens to everything I had to say. The best thing about it is he actually found something that other people didn’t find. I had a deviated septum, but I had a deviated septum on both sides of my sinuses, and what he showed me was how come they only did surgery on the right side of your sinuses and not the left side of your sinuses? And I was like, that’s a good question. Dr. Bennett also found that one of my dentists, he did an old-fashioned root canal where there’s wires involved, and he sent them into my sinus cavity, also contributing to the problems that I’m having.

For him to find what my dentist did wrong, for him to find that I had both sides deviated septums, and nobody took care of the other side. I mean, that’s why I come in here, and everybody I talk to, common sense service. That’s all I’m looking for, people that know their job. I recommend it to everybody that talks about a sinus problem. Even if you’re not gonna get surgery, or you’re nervous, go see him. Let him talk to you. Let him give you his opinion. He’s honest. He’s not gonna say, oh, you need surgery. He wants to be sure. He’s not like, oh, yeah, we’ll give you the surgery. I had doctors like that and I walked out of their offices. I’m 49. I’ve been having sinus problems since I’ve been a kid. I’m so happy. As you can see a smile on my face, that says it all. I can breathe. People with sinus problems will understand what I’m saying right now. It means a lot to get air into your, to have air travel up through your nostrils. It means so much. It’s a big difference in my life and my attitude.