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Facial paralysis is a potential result of a number of different medical issues and conditions that cause damage to the nerves of the face. Root problems that can cause paralysis or drooping of the face include infection, stroke, inflammation, or Bell’s Palsy. Treatment often depends on the cause of nerve damage. Our surgeons can perform a range of procedures, including nerve grafting and upper eyelid weight surgery, which focus on improving function by removing impediments to vision, blinking, or other critical functions of the facial muscles. Bell’s Palsy surgery can also be performed to improve the appearance of the smile and minimize the amount of facial droop.

If you are experiencing facial droop, facial paralysis, or Bell’s Palsy due to any number of medical issues, our expert surgeons can help.

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Dr. Mourad has been a lifesaver! I love how my nose turned out, big self confidence boost! Great bedside manner and overall a great doctor!
Not rushed. Spent time explaining issues. Staff very helpful
Dr. Mourad is a kind and caring doctor who doesnt make you feel rushed and explains in detail what the issue is. For me I had a deviated septum and...
Dr. Mourad and his team are excellent. My case required a complex rhinoplasty due to prior MOHS resections which left me with a sunken in bridge. He outlined all the...
Very nice staff, office and Dr. Great experience. Would highly recommend.
Dr. Mourad is as good as it gets from a personable bedside manner to performing a successful and stress free surgery. He made me feel well prepared and taken care...