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New York City Sinus Specialist Dr. Garrett H. Bennett

Posted on June 22 2015
Summer Sinus Health | Video Summer Sinus Health Tips

If you are part of the nearly 40 million Americans who suffer from sinus problems, the Summer may be the worst season of the year. Follow these summer sinus health tips and help avoid or alleviate some of the discomfort you may be feeling.   Summer Sinus Health Tips Try to Avoid Pollen: Pollen levels […]

Posted on July 10 2013
Video Sinus Infection Symptoms

Bacterial sinus infection symptoms can easily be confused or thought only to be a common cold. Educate yourself on the symptoms of sinus infections to avoid potentially unnecessary suffering. The combination of some or all of following symptoms may indicate the presence of a bacterial infection that could be located in your sinuses: Pain in […]

Posted on July 3 2013