Summer Sinus Health | Sinus Infection Local Allergic Rhinitis

Localized Allergic Rhinitis is defined by the occurrence, in patients with symptoms clearly suggesting allergic rhinitis but with negative results to common allergy testing, of allergen specific antibodies in the nasal mucosa. Which begs the question:   Can you have allergies with negative allergy testing? Have you ever sniffed a flower and had your nose […]

Posted on June 10 2018
Summer Sinus Health | Health Tips Holiday Air Travel Tips

Tips for a Healthy & Successful Flight The holiday season is fast approaching. It is a time when friends and family travel far and wide to gather and celebrate together. For many of us, this means making airline reservations. When preparing for your flight, you hope to avoid long waits, lost baggage and delayed departures, […]

Posted on October 30 2013
Summer Sinus Health | Video Summer Sinus Health Tips

If you are part of the nearly 40 million Americans who suffer from sinus problems, the Summer may be the worst season of the year. Follow these summer sinus health tips and help avoid or alleviate some of the discomfort you may be feeling.   Summer Sinus Health Tips Try to Avoid Pollen: Pollen levels […]

Posted on July 10 2013